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Nurture Network (Building Blocks Project) - Launching 1st September 2021!

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The future of work

 5G is Driving the FutureTo understand the future of work, each of us must first understand the power of 5G....
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Nurture Network welcome message: Nurture network is a platform that provides a nurturing environment for all to engage in technology,...
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The purpose of the Nurture network is to create a platform for schools, youth and communities to engage with technology, 4IR, 5G, academic and career support. Mentors will provide first-hand guidance on future careers. We plan to do this in the form of online and face to face events which will expose our community’s educators and students to the latest technology and skills of the future.

NURTURE NETWORK - Online, Academic & Career West End Primary School Hub


To become the leading network providing a nurturing environment for students, youth, schools and communities to engage with technology, 4IR, Internet of Things and Elearning.

What we offer:


Academic Support

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Career Coaching and Mentoring

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Coaching and Mentoring

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